X16 Whole System Renew (Factory Setup)

Use the following steps to restore the system back to factory default:

  • With only one phone plugged into the system, press the Program button on the phone.
  • Then dial * # 600618 * # and then press Enter, and press Enter again (Enter is the round button by the display)
  • Scroll down to select “KSU HiddenPgm” and then press Enter
  • Scroll up to “Renew Whole Sys” and then press Enter
  • Scroll up to “Yes” and then press Enter

The system will restart and the phone’s display will show the extension number 301 in the lower right area of the display.

Next Step:

Initialize the system hardware by operating the INIT switch located on the back of the communications server just left of the blue indicator light. Move the INIT switch back and forth three times within three seconds. This will cause the blue indicator to flash rapidly, then slow to about one flash per second.

Now proceed with reconnecting other phones to the system and assigning extension numbers as needed.

The system is now ready for programming. The default password for system setup is # # # #.