X16 System - How to Set Up Voice Mail

System users set up and adjust their own voice mail greetings and other settings. 

To access voice mail programming, follow these steps:

  • Press the Program Button
  • Scroll to Phone Setup and press Enter (it’s the center navigation button)
  • Scroll up to VoiceMail Setup and press Enter
  • Scroll up or down to access individual settings

Remote Code:

This is the access code a user dials to hear his or her messages. The default code is 123. The remote code is used internally to access a phone’s voice mailbox by pressing the center navigation key, dialing the three-digit code, and then pressing the center navigation key again. Externally, call into the system and let the auto attendant answer the call, and then dial the desired extension number. If the extension is forwarded to voice mail, and the mailbox answers, enter the remote code to access the mailbox.

Personal OGM:

This greeting is heard by a caller once they are forwarded to a voice mailbox. Press the up or down navigation buttons to select Play or Re-Record and then press Enter. Press Enter to stop playback or recording.

Clear My VMSG:

This parameter allows a user to delete all existing voice mail messages in the mailbox.

Call Screening:

This feature mimics an answering machine. Five seconds after a call is answered by an extension user’s voice mailbox, that user can monitor/screen the caller as they leave a message.

The extension user will receive a warning tone, which indicates that a caller has been answered by their voice mailbox. The user has the option to monitor the call, or ignore the alert, and allow the caller to leave a message. Once the user has selected to monitor the caller, they have the option to leave the caller undisturbed (leaving a message) or to retrieve the caller from the voice mailbox and be connected to the caller for a live conversation.