X16 Music on Hold Setup

The X16 music on hold (MOH) sound can be changed by connecting an external audio player.  If you choose External, you can plug an audio player such as a MP3 player or Music On Hold player into the music on hold jack on the back of the communications server. Whatever is playing will be broadcast to callers on hold.

X16 Programming Steps

A programming change is required to switch from internal to external audio input.To change this programming, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Program Button on an X16 phone that is connected to the system
  2. Scroll to System Setup – use the Navigation Buttons next to the display to scroll up or down
  3. Press Enter (the center navigation button next to the display)
  4. Dial the setup password (#### is default) and press Enter
  5. Scroll down to Music Source
  6. Select the source and press Enter to make your choice

The input jack is located between the line 1 jack and the the INIT switch. It is a standard ⅛ inch mono audio jack. A patch cable is required to go between the audio player and the X16.   

How To Video

Cable & Adapter

Cable with Adapter Connected