A company directory can be created in the X16 automated attendant by recording user names and extension numbers in the AUX OGM (Auxiliary Out Going Message). The AUX OGM is located in the mail system area of System Set programming. The AUX OGM is accessed by callers when they dial seven in either the day time or night time auto attendant greetings. Here is an example of the basic auto attendant greeting script:

Day time or night time greeting played to incoming callers:

“Thank you for calling ABC Company. We are currently unavailable to take your call. If you know the extension of the person you are tying to reach, dial it now, or press seven for a company directory.”

Auxiliary greeting played when callers dial seven:

“For Susan Walker dial 301. For Fran Smith dial 302. For John Johnson dial 304. Press zero for the operator or to reach our general delivery voice mail box. Press seven to repeat the options.”

Alternatively, the list could be incorporated in the day time or night time greetings, rather than requiring callers to dial seven. This may be the best approach for a company with less than six extensions.