X16 Call Forwarding

After a call is transferred to an extension, the call can be forwarded to one of two destinations; voice mail or an external phone number.


  • Forwarding takes place after the Waiting Timer expires (10 seconds is default)
  • By default,  calls  transferred to an extension are forwarded to the phone’s voice mail.

Steps to change an extension’s Call Forward settings:

  • At the phones you want to change, press the Program Button and press Enter

Note: (Enter is the center navigation button to the right of the display.)

  • Scroll to Phone Setup and press Enter
  • Scroll to Call Forward and press Enter

At this point you can scroll up or down to see and enter into the following setting:

  • Waiting Time:  the amount of time the phone will ring before the caller is sent to the Forward Destination
  • FWD Destination:  the destination the caller will be forwarded to (see the definitions below)
  • FWD Phone Number:  the external phone number the caller will be forwarded to if an external destination is used

Remember to press Enter after making changes or changing settings.

Destination Types Defined:

Voice Mail: At default, all extensions are forwarded to voice mail, and the center navigation button will be illuminated (lit solid); no other visual indication will be given.

External: A transferred call will forward to an external telephone number by using a second telephone line. This feature occupies two CO lines. Therefore, if a second CO line is not available, the call will not forward. Also, a slight volume decrease is normal.

TRK2TRK: When an extension is forwarded to an external number, the system will send a command to the telephone network line, known as a “Flash,” which begins the transfer. The telephone system will then dial the pre-programmed digits, pause until the call is established, and then hang up, releasing the call from the system. Note: This feature may require a special service from the telephone company central office called, “Three-way calling with call disconnect” or “Three-way calling with call transfer.”