X16 Telephone Connections for Digital Extensions

The X16 digital telephones connect to the communications server through the digital extension ports. Each port can have X16-phones-and-Splitters-300x284up to four digital telephones connected to it. The four ports are located near the left side of the unit and are designated as 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16.

When the first phone is connected to the system, its extension number will automatically be assigned as 301. When the other phones are connected, they will come up with “Please Assign ID”.

You must assign an extension number. Choose an extension number from 302 through 399.

Follow these steps to assign an extension number to a phone:

  • Press the Program Button
  • Scroll to Phone Setup
  • Press Enter (the round button in the middle of the navigation keys)
  • Scroll down to “Extension No.” and then press Enter
  • Put in the desired extension number and press Enter

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only four digital telephones can be connected to a digital extension port.
If more than four digital telephones are connected to any given port, the fifth or higher-numbered phone(s) will first display
“Initializing….. Please Wait,” then show “Register Fail.”  Correct this problem by limiting the number of phones per port to four phones.