QB VoIP Phone Systems Support

The QB Series of XBLUE Servers sets a higher bar of performance.  While the QB systems (QB1, QB2 & QB3) remain in the DIY category for small businesses, they do require an increased commitment in setup since they are much more flexible than the entry-level DIY systems X25, X50 and X50XL. The architecture of the QB allows for almost limitless configurations. QB system are custom configured:

QB1 Server
QB1 Server
QB2 Server

QB System Capacities

QB1: 20 Phones, 10 VoIP Lines & 4 Analog Telephone Lines

QB2: 50 Phones, 25 VoIP Lines & 8 Analog Telephone Lines

QB3: 200 Phones, 100 VoIP Lines & 16 Analog Telephone Lines. 
QB3 systems require additional hardware and software to expand
beyond 100 extensions.  Contact XBLUE Sales for more information.

System Defaults

Numbering Plan:

  • Extensions (VoIP Digital): 100 through 119
  • Extensions (Analog): 399
  • Incoming Calls – Day: Ringing calls go to Queue 6700 (all extensions are in this queue)
    • Note: Day Mode is the default mode of operation 24-hours a day
  • Night Ringing: Ringing calls go to IVR 6500 (Generic Night Greeting)
    • Note: Night Mode must be activated
  • Dialing: Dial any number desired, internal or external and press the Dial button in the display the QB will route the call. All calls are allowed except those beginning with “0” to avoid international calling.

User Names / Default Passwords – System Configuration:

  • ADMIN: admin / XBLUEqb12&3 (version and greater, previously the password was XBLUEqb2)
  • USER: ext# (e.g. 100) / “pass+ext# (e.g. pass100)

Network LAN Port Defaults: LAN Port Setting: DHCP is set for setting of the QB IP address.

Network WAN Port Default: The WAN port of the QB is set for Bridged operation. In this mode it can be used to connect another device (PC) for programming etc. The QB is NOT a router. It will not perform network traffic operations. The QB device is a communications server and intended to be used on an existing network as a telephone system server.

Download Center
Access the latest QB software and documentation 

Links to Popular Support Topics

QB Systems Support….

  • GSM (Cellular) Telephone Line(s)
  • SIP (VoIP) Telephone Lines
  • Analog Device support
  • Advanced Queues for comprehensive caller handling
  • Advanced IVR (Automated Attendant) for broad menuing (100 supported)
  • Messaging on Hold, Music On Hold selections across most call handling operations
  • User access to features settings and voicemail
  • Voicemail to email delivery
  • and many more

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