Cloud Phone Systems


Per User Pricing
Each User has a Dedicated Phone Line
No-Busy Signal Guarantee

Just Cloud Burst Hosted IP PBX ctr

Cost Effective System Size Pricing
Shared Phones Lines
Cloud Functionality Without Per User Fees

Eliminates On-Site Phone System Server
Replaces Phone Company Lines & Keep Your Phone Numbers
Works with Your Cell Phone & Computer – Ideal for Remote Workers

XBLUE Cloud Phone Systems

XBLUE Cloud and Cloud Burst business phone systems use standardized VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to connect your business communications to the cloud which enables you to make the most of your internet bandwidth. As cloud-based systemsXBLUE Cloud and Cloud Burst are perfect solutions for mobile workers and working from home.  

Each XBLUE cloud phone system is powered by a dedicated XBLUE cloud-based IP PBX which is maintained by XBLUE technicians. We professionally program and manage your cloud phone system for the lifetime of your XBLUE cloud account!

XBLUE Cloud Phone Systems are easy to setup.  When you order your system you can tells us how to pre-program many of the systems functions.  When your phones arrive you just plug them in and give them internet access. Our expert technicians help fine-tune your system to fit your specific requirements. 

Cloud Phone System Pricing

XBLUE Cloud is based on per user pricing which enables every user to make or receive an external phone call at the same time. And the No Busy Signal Guarantee ensures that your customers will always have complete access to your business.  The XBLUE Cloud easy system setup and user pricings is ideal for small offices and startups with 3 to about 10 phones.

Cloud Burst offers economical pricing for businesses with more than 10 phones. Pricing is based on overall system size which means cloud server capacity and the number of XBLUE VoIP lines connected to the system are configured independently of one another.  With Cloud Burst VoIP lines are shared by all phones similar to the configuration of on-site systems with landlines.

* Indicates subject to availability - please contact XBLUE sales for details