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Use your own IP phone or cell phone

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Use your own IP phone or cell phone

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Without a doubt, one of the latest innovations for business communications is the cloud phone system and its very attractive features. However, many businesses are quickly discovering that all of those extra-cool features cost a whole lot more than do the conventional business phone system solutions.

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to.

First, here’s why cloud phone systems are so expensive…

Want to know why most cloud phone systems are so expensive? The customer pays a monthly fee for each phone in the office. In other words, it’s like you’re paying a monthly activation fee for every office phone – regardless of how often you use it!

Now, this is a new practice that hasn’t been thrown at business customers in the past. And that’s why a cloud phone system is almost always considerably more costly. Customers don’t often realize all of this until that first surprisingly high bill lands on your desk.

And that’s not all. Another costly expense of cloud phone systems is all the extra fees that add up fast (the ones buried deep in the fine print). Most of those fees are after-the-fact, so they tend to get glossed over during the fancy presentation. After all, the pressure is on to get you to sign that dotted line

But here’s the thing – paying a monthly charge for every phone in your office that are loaded with those extra fees just doesn’t have to happen.

There’s a better option: Cloud Burst is the cloud phone system with one low, monthly, all-inclusive rate.

XBLUE’s new Cloud Burst service is a game changer. Why? Because it isn’t passing on extra costs or every-month activation fees to you, our valued business customers!

Instead, our customers only pay one monthly all-inclusive fee, which means no per phone or add-on fees. It’s low and it isn’t a surprise. So not only are you going to know upfront exactly what you’re paying, you’re also going to be paying substantially less.

So if you’re considering a new Cloud phone system, check out the company that has all the extra features – without all the extra fees. Check out XBLUE’s Cloud Burst service – and love the XBLUE difference.

Ready to learn more? We’re here for you – you can browse our website for general information or contact us. Or, if you’ve got a question for one of our U.S. based product support team, give us a call at 866-925-8312.