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Each XBLUE Cloud system requires at least (3) Users.  Each User has an Extension Number.  
A User may have an office phone such as a desk phone or cordless phone assigned to their Extension Number.  
In addition, a User may have a cell phone assigned to their User Extension.

Add IP9g Phones, Cordless Phones & Consoles

IP9g VoIP Phone

  • $119.99

Cordless Handset w/ Base

  • $179.99

X210 Console

  • $349.99

Using Phones at Home Office or Branch Office Locations

IP Phones may be set up for use at remote locations such as home offices or branch offices that have adequate Internet service.
The XBLUE technical support team will work with you to set up your remote phones. 

Using Cell Phones or Computers with Cloud Extensions

Your cell phone, laptop or desktop computer may operate in conjunction with your system extension.
Cell phones may receive transferred calls or may be set up to ring simultaneously when calls are routed to your system extension number. 
In addition, software for cell phones and computers is available to further integrate these devices with XBLUE cloud systems. The XBLUE technical support team will work with you to set up these devices for operation with your cloud systems.  

Fax Options

XBLUE cloud systems support up to 5 pages per fax transmission.  Use of an analog phone line or online fax service is recommended for higher page count fax transmissions.  A Fax Extension is required per fax phone number. A Fax Adapter is required for analog machines.

Fax Extension for Cloud – Annual
Required to receive incoming faxes.

  • $118.99 / year

Fax Extension for Cloud – Monthly
Required to receive incoming faxes.

  • $9.99 / month

Fax Adapter for Analog Fax Machines
Use this adapter to connect an analog fax machine. A Fax Extension is required to route faxes to this adapter and your analog fax machine.  

  • $69.99

Toll Free Numbers

Includes a New Toll Free Number Or Port Your Existing Toll Free Number to XBLUE
Includes 500 Incoming Call Minutes per Month

Toll Free Telephone service provides inbound calling on a national toll-free basis using one of the Toll Free prefixes (800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888).  It can be used in combination with your cloud system.   XBLUE Toll Free Service includes 500 incoming minutes per month. Order additional service in blocks of 500 minutes.  Calls must originate in the United States or Canada.   We will provide the toll free phone number or you may port your existing toll free number for use with this service.  You can have 1 toll free number for every block of 500 toll free minutes.  

Toll Free Number Service – Annual

  • $155.88 / year

Toll Free Number Service – Monthly

  • $14.99 / month

Keep Your Phone Number – Free Number Porting

Your current phone number may be ported to XBLUE for free. You get free phone number porting for up to the number of users in your account.  You can select this option at checkout.

Add New Phone Numbers

If you are not porting an existing phone number to XBLUE a new local phone number comes with your account. You can add local phone numbers for free up to the number of users in your account.  You can request free new numbers at checkout.

Contact XBLUE Sale for Details – Call 866-925-8312

Watch for details after account setup.  You can also add options, phones and accessories after your account has been activated. If you have questions contact us:  Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message

* Internet service of 5 Mbps download & upload speed is required.  Use of XBLUE cloud systems are subject to the XBLUE VoIP Services Terms of Use.