XBLUE Telephone Line Services

XBLUE Telephone Lines For XBLUE Phone Systems Replaces Telephone Company Lines  •  All Inclusive, Flat Rate Pricing Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls1  to Numbers in the US & Canada2 No Contract  •  Pay Monthly or Pay Annually & Save $19.99 Monthly per Line Prepaid Annually Select Annual $21.99 Monthly per Line Paid Month to Month […]

XBLUE Cloud VoIP Telephone Line Support

XBLUE X16 Telephone Line Support X16 ONLY – VOIP Gateway Wiring Diagram The XBLUE X16 System uses one or two specialized adapters (HT812 or HT814) to connect XBLUE Telephone Line Service to the X16 communications server. PDF of X16 VoIP Adapter Connections  View PDF Contact Product Support if you are experiencing problems or a service […]