FAQ X25 & X50 Systems – Use of Cisco or Other 3rd Party IP Phones

Question:  Can Cisco IP phones be added to an X25 system? Answer: It is difficult to know whether or not any 3rd party IP telephone will work on the X25 or X50. In regard to Cisco IP phones, many are designed to work best on a Cisco Call Manager system. Technically speaking any IP or […]

FAQ X25 and X50 Admin Login Information

How do I login to my X25 or X50 system? Here is a link to the Quick Start Guide for the X25 and X50 systems: https://xblue.com/installation/x25-x50-x50xl-quick-installation-guide/ Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the LAN port on the X25 or X50 Server. On your computer, open a web browser. In the browser bar type: […]

FAQ X3030 and X4040 IP Phone Randomly Soft Reboot

Question:  What does it mean when my phones show “soft reboot”? Answer: When the X3030 and X4040 phones show “soft reboot” – check your network settings. This is not usually a phone system issue. If the phones register after the reboot and everything works like it did before and after the reboot, you most likely have […]

FAQ – Do we need a telephone line for each extension / phone in the system?

Questions from a potential customer: If we have one phone line, can we have multiple extensions or would we have to purchase a line for each extension? The simple answer is no.   For clarity let’s use the terms Extension, Phone and User as meaning the same thing.  A line for each user or phone is […]

Which XBLUE Phone Systems Use Standard Analog Telephone Lines?

XBLUE X16, X25, X50 & QB Systems Use Standard Analog Telephone Lines Our office phone systems are fully compatible with standard, analog telephone lines that are available from major local telephone companies. Depending on the XBLUE system, Digital or VoIP (voice-over-ip) technology may be used to facilitate on-site connection of telephones to the system’s communication […]

Finding Your X25 or X50 Server IP Address

In order to program your X25 or X50 server you need to know the IP address of the server unit.  Default settings are found in the X25 Quick Start Guide or X50 Quick Start Guide.   However, the default setting may have changed based on your network setup and programming.  Here’s how you easily find the address from any […]