XBLUE Cloud Quick Video Overview

XBLUE Cloud Quick Video Overview https://xblue.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/XBLUE-Cloud-Dec-2019.mp4https://vimeo.com/378383945 XBLUE Cloud eliminates on-site phone system server equipment. Which means you have no phone system installation and ongoing maintenance. Telephone company lines are also eliminated and you can keep your business phone numbers. Pricing is all inclusive with no hidden fees and no contract is required.  Call XBLUE  for both […]

Video Post – X16 Overview

X16 Quick Video Overview in 01:13 Viewing this very short video gives you quick way to get an idea of what the XBLUE X16 business phone system is all about.   https://vimeo.com/311317862 See More Videos Learn More About X16 View X16 Pricing