X25 & X50 Security

X25 & X50 Security Importance of security Security is required on any system that connects to the Internet. Most XBLUE IP Telephone system servers are installed “behind” a router and are therefore very much protected; however even in this configuration preventative security measures should be deployed to ensure illicit access and use of your telephone […]

X16 Headset Port Size

X16 Headset Port Size Depending on the production run of your XBLUE X16 phone the headset connector (located on the left hand side of the phone) will be either an 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm (similar to the type found on cell phones). The best way to tell which headset connector your phone is equipped with is by looking […]

X3030 Support

XBLUE X3030 VoIP Telephone The X3030 VoIP Telephone operates as a fully featured extension when connected to either the XBLUE X25 or X50 systems. The X3030 telephone has all of the most commonly used features pre-programmed on the phone. The 6-Line backlit display enables you to quickly see Caller ID, Call Logs and the Phone […]

X25 Downloads

X25 Downloads Software, VOX Files & Music On Hold Files Software There are three primary categories of software in the X25 and X50 telephone systems: XBLUE Server (X25 or X50) XBLUE Voice Processor – Automated Attendant Prompts XBLUE IP Telephone IMPORTANT NOTES: Do NOT revert back to an earlier version of software after loading v0.3.5 […]

X2020 Support

XBLUE X-2020 VoIP Telephone The X2020 VoIP Telephone operates as a fully featured extension when connected to either the XBLUE X25 or X50 systems. Documentation X2020 User Guide X2020 Quick Reference Card   Plantronics CS540 with LIFTER solution that keeps handset in the cradle Downloads Software updates for the X2020 phone may be dependent on the […]

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products The Product Support Continues…. Although some XBLUE products have been discontinued we do continue to support them. This page contains links to documentation, guides and articles for discounted products. If you are unable to find what you are looking for just call 866-925-8312 orClick Here to Send Us A Message. Desktop […]

Telephone Line Connections: Setting Them Up

The telephone lines from your local dial tone provider plug into to the central office ports located near the center the communications server / KSU.   Click on the image to the right for more detail. >>>   The communication server ports are designated as follows: 1/2 is for line one and also used for […]

System Defaults: What Are They?

X16 System Defaults These are the X16 system’s default passwords, and the operator extension assignment, incoming call rings assignment and default extension forwarding: System Setup Password: #### If your password has been changed or you forgot your password, contact Product Support at 866-925-8312 Voice Mail Remote Code (Voice Mail Access Password / Code): 123 This […]

Power Specifications: What Are They?

The X16 system utilizes an external power supply contained in a black enclosure measuring 4.5 x 2 x 1.25 inches. This power supply ships with the X16 Communication Server / KSU. Use of any other power supply may damage the X16 system. Input: 120 Volt AC 120 Volts 60 Hertz   The power plug is […]

Memory Backup & Surge Protection

X16 Memory Backup & Surge Protection The X16 system’s program memory is protected during power outages. However, the phones will lose voice mail related programming, recorded messages and greetings if they are unplugged from the system for more than 2.5 minutes. Use of an external battery back up system or uninterrupted power system (UPS) can […]