FAQ – IP9g Headset Compatibility

FAQ – IP9g Headset Compatibility This FAQ lists Headsets that are compatible with the IP9g.   Contact XBLUE for additional QB system support.  Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message.  

FAQ – XBLUE QB System Holiday Setup

FAQ – XBLUE QB System Holiday Setup This FAQ covers the setup process for the XBLUE QB Phone System where you will define the range of days you want for a holiday, define the holiday call flow and the voice prompts callers will hear.   Contact XBLUE for additional QB system support.  Call 866-925-8312 or […]

Customizing QB Audio Files

How to convert a Customized Audio File for use on the QB system Open a browser and access the G711 File Converter at the following address: http://g711.org/ This screen will appear – Leave all the default settings: Output Format Volume Click the Submit button    Wait for a few moments for the conversion to complete – then […]

FAQ – Do XBLUE Systems Support Digital Telephone Lines?

Question from an XBLUE.com visitor: “Do these Xblue systems handle digital telephone lines versus analog telephone lines?” This question comes up often.   All XBLUE Office Phone Systems support Standard Analog and VoIP Telephone Lines.  The term “digital” is used primarily in cable or telephone company marketing.  For instance, a cable television company that provides internet […]

FAQ – SIM Card, Cellular Based Telephone Lines

XBLUE systems operate with standard, analog telephones company lines. All system also supports XBLUE VoIP line (aka SIP Trunks).  Cellular (SIM card) based line service requires a 3rd party adapter. Please contact XBLUE free pre-sale tech support for more information.