FAQ – Do we need a telephone line for each extension / phone in the system?

Questions from a potential customer: If we have one phone line, can we have multiple extensions or would we have to purchase a line for each extension? The simple answer is no.   For clarity let’s use the terms Extension, Phone and User as meaning the same thing.  A line for each user or phone is […]

FAQ – Can I pick up calls from hold at any phone?

Questions from an Amazon shopper If a call is placed on hold on one phone, can any of the other three pick up that call on hold by selecting the line the held call is on? The answer is Yes.  Every line connected to the X16 system has a button on every X16 phone .  […]

FAQ – Do XBLUE Systems Support Digital Telephone Lines?

Question from an XBLUE.com visitor: “Do these Xblue systems handle digital telephone lines versus analog telephone lines?” This question comes up often.   All XBLUE Office Phone Systems support Standard Analog and VoIP Telephone Lines.  The term “digital” is used primarily in cable or telephone company marketing.  For instance, a cable television company that provides internet […]

FAQ – Does the X16 system have intercom?

Question form an Amazon shopper Does this system have an intercom between the phones? Yes – the X16 system has an intercom with hands-free capability. The intercom enables you to call other phones (extensions) in the system. The hands-free reply function of the intercom enables you to voice-announce through the speaker of the other person’s […]

FAQ – SIM Card, Cellular Based Telephone Lines

XBLUE systems operate with standard, analog telephones company lines. All system also supports XBLUE VoIP line (aka SIP Trunks).  Cellular (SIM card) based line service requires a 3rd party adapter. Please contact XBLUE free pre-sale tech support for more information.

FAQ – What is automated assistant?

Questions from an Amazon shopper 1- What is automated assistant? 2- My office needs a programmable “phone tree” system for patients to use when calling. “press 1 for billing”, etc. Is that possible through the programming for these systems? Is that automated assistant? Automated assistant and phone tree are terms sometimes used to refer to […]

FAQ – Which headsets are compatible with XBLUE phones?

Although all current production XBLUE digital & IP phones will operate with industry standard headsets, the connection and operation varies between phone models.  XBLUE sells select models that we have tested and support.  View the Selection. Connector, Adapter & Operation Notes  – Contact XBLUE for more detail X16 Digital Phone 2.5 or 3.5 mm “cell […]

FAQ – Can a 3rd Party IP Phone Work on an XBLUE IP Systems?

We occasionally get asked if a 3rd party IP phone will work on an XBLUE X25, X50, QB and XBLUE Cloud phone systems.   The answer is an IP Phone should “work” if that phone is SIP 2.0 compliant. This is possible because these systems are SIP 2.0 compliant.  However certain features of each system may […]