X16 Phone System Support

X16 Phone System Support Contact XBLUE sales for additional X16 parts 866-925-8312 X16 Digital Telephone X16 System Server View the X16 Quick Start Guide – Must See When Setting Up a New X16 system Video Tutorials https://youtube.com/watch?v=dekSiJoxd98%3Frel%3D1 https://youtu.be/am1QlJdvMP0 Documentation, Manuals & Guides Installation Guide / Manual  This document provides detailed information about features and programming. […]

X16 Ports & Connectors

X16 Ports & Connectors Click Image to Enlarge For Assistance Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message

X16 Whole System Renew (Factory Setup)

X16 Whole System Renew (Factory Setup) Use the following steps to restore the system back to factory default: With only one phone plugged into the system, press the Program button on the phone. Then dial * # 600618 * # and then press Enter, and press Enter again (Enter is the round button by the […]

How to Connect Fax Machines to the X16 System

How to Connect a Fax Machines to an X16 System NOTE: This explanation is for X16 only and is not applicable to X16 Plus or QB systems.   Connecting FAX Machines is done by connecting the external device “ahead” of the system on a specific telephone line. In this example, the fax line would be running […]

X16 System Setup – Initial Programming

X16 System Setup – Initial Programming Initial Programming is done through an X16 phone Navigation Keys Used During Programming: Program Button: Located below the display on each digital telephone. Enter Button: The round key in the middle of the navigation keys to the right of the display. Navigation Keys: Used to scroll up, down, right […]

Music on Hold: How to Change It

X16 Music on Hold Setup The X16 music on hold (MOH) sound can be changed by connecting an external audio player.  If you choose External, you can plug an audio player such as a MP3 player or Music On Hold player into the music on hold jack on the back of the communications server. Whatever is […]

X16 Holiday Greeting Setup

X16 Holiday Greeting Setup The XBLUE X16 automated attendant includes an optional holiday greeting. Programming is accomplished through the system setup, which is located in the mail system. Scroll down to Holiday Mode and make the appropriate settings in the following areas: NOTE: The holiday end time and date MUST be set prior to setting […]

X16 Auto Attendant Setup

X16 Auto Attendant Setup The X16 auto attendant allows incoming calls to be answered and presented with a customized greeting. The greetings are called “day time OGM” and “night time OGM” (OGM is the abbreviation for Out Going Message). Once calls are answered, callers may dial an extension number and be immediately transferred to the […]