Case Study – Paul’s Motor Car Service

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Location:  Pittsburgh, PA
Business Type:    Auto Service Center specializing in European car repair

Previous Phone System

System Make / Model:  Toshiba
Technology:   Digital
Number of Extensions:    7 Desk Phones
Number of Lines:  6 (see note)
Voice Mail:  N/A
Automated Attendant:  N/A
Install Date:  1995
Note:  Using 2 basic analog Verizon business lines with the hunt/roll over feature for incoming calls.  Also had 4 VoIP lines from NetTalk Duo and Ooma.  To reduce long distance and toll charges the VoIP lines are used to make all outgoing calls.

XBLUE System

XBLUE System:  X16
Number of Extensions:    7 Desk Phone
Number of Lines:  6 Lines Total (2 Analog & 4 VoIP)
Voice Mail:  Single Mailbox
Automated Attendant:  All Calls
Installation Date:  8/6/2016
Self or Pro Install:  Self Installed

Important Features

  • Line Appearance – every line appears on every desk phone
  • Hold – The ability to pick up a call from Hold on any phone 
  • Auto Attendant – both day and night

Customer Comments

“I love my new [XBLUE] system! We purchased through Telco Depot who actually answers calls and are helpful.  They referred me to XBLUE to make sure I got what I need.  So I called XBLUE, and guess what?  They answer in person – no 20 levels of voice prompts, etc.  Lisa was very helpful, and had a tech call to confirm any questions.  Excellent service with both TelcoDepot and XBLUE!   I Installed the system myself, hooked in my own VOIP lines and the system is really nice.

So basically I bought a great phone system, easy to install, real live phone support from XBLUE, and good service from the seller.   I have under $1500.00 invested for a 6 line system, 8 phone stations and a Music-On-Hold unit that plays music off a cheap flash drive.”

“Regarding phone lines [land lines], I only pay for 2 verizon phone lines, cheap basic lines with no long distance access and a local calling plan.  They are used for Incoming calls only.  Now my lines are hardly ever busy if you call.  We have 4 VoIP lines for $39.99 a year that are super clear and can call anywhere in the USA or Canada!   They are very compatible with the X16 system and work the same as the land lines.  How can you beat $39.99 a year per phone line???  I would give Telco Depot and XBLUE 5 stars out of 5 each, and recommend both to anyone in need of a great phone system you can install and maintain yourself.”  – Bob Kopperman, Owner / Manager

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