The Blink Test

Working in management comes with a myriad of benefits and challenges.

Larry Steinmetz dives into his decision making process in Chapter 3 of his book, Kansas Sense.


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We are often faced with difficult decisions. You make a list of pros and cons, you call your best friends and seek their council, you sleep on it… but what do you do at the end of the day when you can’t make up your mind?

You blink!

Larry calls it “The Blink Test.” Here’s the low-down: You have a decision to make. You don’t know what to do. Blink and imagine yourself in the new situation six months later. You’ve moved past all of the steps you needed to take in order to get to where you are. Are you happy with the decision you’ve made? Can you imagine yourself thriving in the situation you’ve created for yourself by making this decision? Basically, if you could blink and the process of implementing a challenging decision would be over with and the end result of your decision would be attained, would you do it?

I am currently facing a tough decision. My lease is up in a month and I have the option to renew. I’ve lived in my current residence for years and have been craving a change. However, I feel very comfortable where I am and the idea of moving seems costly and exhausting! But when I blink and imagine myself in my new home six months from now (and stop obsessing over the transitional issues) my decision is immediately clear. I know it may be a tedious process but in the long term, it’s what I need and want for my personal well-being.   I swear by this test. Give it a try!


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When purchasing technology for your business you should always do the blink test before you commit. When it comes to an office phone system just blink and imagine all of the money you will save by purchasing an XBLUE self install office phone system.