FAQ – What is automated assistant?

Questions from an Amazon shopper

1- What is automated assistant?
2- My office needs a programmable “phone tree” system for patients to use when calling. “press 1 for billing”, etc. Is that possible through the programming for these systems? Is that automated assistant?

Automated assistant and phone tree are terms sometimes used to refer to Automated Attendant or Auto Attendant.  By definition, an Auto Attendant answers incoming calls and plays a pre-recorded greeting to callers.   A typical greeting might say “thank you for calling ABC company, please press 1 to make an appointment, press 2 for billing. If you know the persons extension number, dial it now or press 0 for the operator”.

While all XBLUE office phone systems include Auto Attendant, the exact operation and available functions differ between systems.  The Auto Attendant section of our Compare Phone Systems web-page offers details.  And of course, you can always speak directly to an XBLUE representative who will give you all the details and how they related to your business needs.  Contact Us