Advanced Professional Services

XBLUE Phones Systems offer a unique self install hardware and software configuration that enables many businesses to take control of voice communications costs by setting up and administering their own business phone system. And for most organizations XBLUE is that solution.

Although XBLUE systems fulfill that need they do indeed have far more capabilities and functions that can exceed the self install ability or desire of many organizations. For this reason and to help you get he most out of your XBLUE system we offer Advanced Professional Services for more complicated and involved applications.

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We can help you with these advanced applications:

  • Remote IP Phone Setup
  • Mobile Smartphone App Setup
  • Multiple Server Networking / Internet Gateway
  • VoIP Telephone Lines (SIP Trunk) Setup &
  • Troubleshooting of Non-XBLUE Certified Lines
  • VoIP End Points such as Non-XBLUE Certified IP
  • Phones, Paging, Loud Bell Adapted & Door Boxes

These professional service options are offered in addition to existing technical support.  The XBLUE system must be covered by the 1st year warranty, monthly or annual support plans. Professional services are charged on a per location, SIP trunk carrier and smart phone application basis.

Select this option if you have standard technical support coverage. This is an add on service to the initial tech support included when you purchased the system or when you have already purchased an ongoing support plan. 

Select this option if you need both standard technical support coverage and professional services. The is option contains both standard technical support and Advanced Professional Services. 

In addition to overall professional service, XBLUE offers these services
for provisioning 3rd party IP Phones & SIP Trunks

This Option is Available for XBLUE Cloud & QB Systems Only.  

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This Options is Available for XBLUE QB Systems Only.

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