5 Apps Guaranteed to Boost Productivity


Let’s face it. It’s hard to stay focused. Especially when you have a long to-do list and an even longer Facebook feed. But there are ways in which you can boost your productivity through the use of modern technology. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic apps that will help you hone in on what you really need to get done.

Let’s get started!

  1. Asana
    If you work with a team, this is the app for you. Asana streamlines project management by allowing users to create projects, assign work to teammates, specify deadlines, and communicate about tasks directly within the app. It also includes reporting tools, file attachments, calendars, and more.


  2. Pocket Analytics
    This app is exactly what it sounds like: an all-inclusive guidebook to the analytics of all of your major platforms. This app allows you to create visualizations of your data by combining or highlighting multiple sources, making data consumption much more digestible. And it actually fits in your pocket!


  3. Loomly
    Loomly is your one-stop-shop for social media management. If you are trying to boost your company’s social media presence, download the Loomly app and get started programming posts for as far into the future as you would like! Loomly allows you to program posts and then forget about them. They also provide post suggestions based on the day of the week (#tbt), social media trends (trending hashtags), and holidays (National Pizza Day).


  4. ToDoist
    “Organize life. Then go enjoy it.” That’s the mantra for this new app which has been defined as the ultimate online to-do list. Enter in something like “Coffee with Carol 7 pm Thursday #meetings” and the app will enter the event in your calendar and file it under your own personal “Meetings” file. Also, checking things off your to-do list has never been so satisfying!


  5. Toggl
    Last but certainly not least, Toggl is our absolute favorite time management app. Toggl allows you to clock your work time and break down how much time you spend across various websites and applications. Toggl also suggests helpful ways in which you may increase your productivity. Also, it works on all devices so you can manage your time on your smartphone as well as your computer!


The best part: almost all of these apps are free for the basic package (the one exception being Pocket Analytics which costs $8.99 in the App Store). Many offer premium packages for a small price but, for most folks, the basic deal is all you will ever need.

So there you have it! Our 5 favorite apps to help small business owners stay focused and productive.

Now go out there, be productive, and elevate your business today!

What are your favorite productivity apps?

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