4 Reasons to Consider XBLUE’s X16 Digital Telephone System Bundle

Congratulations! You’ve conquered the nitty-gritty task of opening your business and now it’s time to figure out which office phone solution will fit your business needs. You’ve likely been inundated with several options from many phone system providers. So we are hoping the information below will assist you in easily determining if the X16 by XBLUE is right for your small business. 

Your Business Has 2-16 Employees

Your business may start out with 2-4 employees, but you need a phone system that can expand as your business grows. The X16 is ideal for businesses that need 6 or fewer telephone company lines. Most small businesses get by with 2-3 phone lines since it’s rare to have multiple people handling outside calls simultaneously. An exception to this is if you run a business that makes several outbound calls concurrently or if your call volume is traditionally higher during normal business hours. In this case you may need to add a few more phone lines.

As you hire more staff and continue to experience more success, the X16 can be expanded to support up to 16 digital phones in your office. Pretty impressive!

Brand and Reliability

XBLUE was listed as one of the “Best Business Phone Systems in 2019” and much of this success is due to the number of customers who have been extremely satisfied with the value, reliability, and expert manufacturer support for the X16. 

For an important purchase like your office phone system, we know that the reputation and reliability of the company you buy from is just as important as what you buy. That’s why we’ve partnered with only the most reputable channel partners like Office Depot, Sam’s Club, Staples and Amazon. 

As an added value, customers who shop direct online at xblue.com receive two years of product warranty and technical support at no additional cost to you.

U.S. Based Customer Support

XBLUE’s team believes in assisting you beyond the buying process. Once you register your X16 system, our U.S. Based Customer Support team will be ready to assist you through the installation process and beyond. At XBLUE, we actually WANT our customers to call us. Or email us. We are here to make your XBLUE experience extremely AWESOME!

Rest assured, whether you have questions about which phone system you should buy, or need help installing or programming it, we are here. Live, and in America.

With XBLUE, you will always get the expert attention and guidance that only the manufacturer can provide. 

Budget Friendly System

The X16 is a digital phone system that uses analog telephone lines and does not require an internet connection. One of the best features of the X16 is it can be easily installed, right out of the box! In a few simple steps, your X16 can be up and running in no time and installation doesn’t require an expensive IT team or VAR to assist.

You will not have any complicated, costly monthly per user fees as you actually own the phone system equipment. In lieu of monthly per user fees, the minimal upfront cost of purchasing the X16 office phone system means a much lower TCO for your business.

With the X16 office phone system, you are always in control of your monthly bill.

So, what can the X16 Office Phone System do for you?

XBLUE designs and delivers phone systems for businesses with 3 to over 300 employees. Our U.S. based product support team is available to help you design the perfect phone system for your business needs. For more information, visit XBLUE.com or give us a call at 866-925-8312 to speak with an XBLUE Business Communications Specialist.