3 Reasons Robots Won’t Take Your Job


Artificial Intelligence. What is it and how does it affect you? 

At first glance, it may seem like a foreign entity, created by an unknown force or robotic mind. The truth, however, is that artificial intelligence is a human creation, made by and formatted for human activity. 

To many, this new technology can seem daunting. How will the integration of artificial intelligence impact our jobs? To ease your fear, here are three reasons why artificial intelligence does not pose a threat to your current occupation.

  1. Lost in translation

    In order for artificial intelligence to function at max capacity, these new innovations must have a familiarity and nuanced understanding of the human language. This understanding must go beyond a knowledge of the thousands of languages that are spoken in our world. Even if a programming system is equipped with a multitude of languages, it is bypassing the important implications of tone, intention, and local shorthand.

  2. Inherent bias
    Alexander Linden, Research Vice President of Gartner, says “Some forms of Machine Learning (ML) — a category of AI — may have been inspired by the human brain, but they are not equivalent.” 

    The lack of equality within this comparison of human to artificial intelligence is largely due to the inherent bias within AI programming. Linden says that today, there is no way to completely banish bias. Meaning that these machines require constant updating and reprogramming. Even with consistent, team-based upkeep, this inherent bias delegitimizes the efficiency of artificial intelligence.

  3. Empathy deficiency
    There have been no recorded instances of successful empathy training in AI, even with hours of programming experimentation. A recent study showed that many artificial intelligence programs such as Siri, Google Now, Samsung’s S Voice and Microsoft’s Cortana were relatively incompetent when responding to statements relating to depression, physical abuse or suicidal thoughts. 

Additionally, AI may actually be creating more jobs for human beings. According to Science Focus, “For technologies enabled by AI such as self-driving vehicles or smart buildings, we will need construction workers, engineers, and architects to build new infrastructure. That’s a lot of new jobs.” It’s also important to remember that Artificial intelligence is different from robot creation and factory machines. Unlike these two recent innovations, AI is enabling new technology, clearing the way for many new industries to evolve and thrive.

So if you’re worried about artificial intelligence taking away jobs from hardworking humans like you and me, take a breath and remember there are things we can do (and ways we can think) that cannot be learned or even imitated by the best of technology.

Still concerned about the prospect of losing your job to artificial intelligence? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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