Business Phone Systems

•  Save Money - Self Install - We Can Help
•  Auto Receptionist is Standard
•  Voicemail for Every User


Ideal for Businesses
With 2 to 16 Employees

Perfect Starter System
With Intercom, Transfer & Paging

Complete with Auto Attendant
& Voicemail Box for Every User

16 Digital Phones & 6 Lines

Cordless Phone Options

X16 Video Overview


IP System for Businesses
With up to 25 Employees

Supports Remote System Phones
For Off-Site Workers

Complete with Auto Attendant
& Voicemail Box for Every User

25 Phones & 16 Lines

Cordless Phone Options

X25 Video Overview


Best Choice For Growth
to 50 Employees

Includes X25 Capabilities

25 Phones & 14 Lines

Expandable to
50 Phones & 18 lines
With X50XL System Upgrade

Cordless Phone Options

X50 Video Overview

X50XLX50 System Expansion

Upgrade Your Existing X50 System
To 50 Phone & 18 Line Capacity

For More Information Call
Or Send Us A Message

New Expanded X50 Bundle

Includes Pre-Installed X50XL
Expansion Software & (12) Phones

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Product Registration

Every new XBLUE system comes with 1 Full Year 
Manufacturer Warranty

Includes 12 months of FREE Technical Support

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XBLUE Digital & VoIP Business Phone Systems

Save money with XBLUE Networks innovative Self Install phone system design.  XBLUE Digital and VoIP business phone systems comes install ready with Auto Receptionist / Automated Attendant and a Voice Mail box for every system user.   And the best part is we provide real live US based product support before you buy, when you install your new phone system and afterwards.

Each XBLUE systems includes many popular business phone system features and capabilities.  Features like hold, call transfer, conferencing and  intercom are already set-up and ready to use when you first turn on your new system. Even voice mail is ready to receive messages at every phone as soon as the phone is connected to the system.

Extended Support

For products beyond the 12 month XBLUE new product warranty period we offer very affordable service plans.

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Self Installation Saves Money

The cost of a new phone system can be significantly reduced when you install it yourself.  And, because of XBLUE’s unique self-install system design, the installation and programming of an XBLUE phone system is as easy as plugging in the components of a basic local area network.  All XBLUE systems utilize standard modular connectors and come pre programmed to handle incoming calls.  All phones are already setup to take voice mail messages and enable systems users to make phone calls.  With little additional programming you can customize system operation to suite your organization's needs.

When you purchase an XBLUE system and it arrives at your office our Product Support staff is ready to help you with the initial system setup and programming.  Just give them at call at 866-925-8312 or Send Them A Message to setup a call back.

We Can Help!   Contact us at 866-925-8312 or Send Us A Message before you buy, during installation or afterwards for on-going support.